Homemade London Fog “Latte”

There is nothing quite like the fruit loop flavour of earl gray tea, is there? I used to love my daily London Fog latte but I got out of the habit a long time ago. Now I occasionally treat myself to one at a cafe, but more often I’ll have the healthier homemade variation on a weekend at home. Yes without the frothy milk maybe it doesn’t qualify for realsies…but hey, I still like it! :)

Whole30 London Fog latte

Homemade London Fog

1/3 cup milk of your choice (dairy or coconut/almond)
1 earl gray tea bag
1/8 tsp vanilla (use bean powder if you’re W30-ing)
1/4 tsp honey (optional)

Boil water in your kettle. In the meantime, heat up your milk until steaming – you can do this over the stove, but I prefer to cheat and nuke it in the microwave. If you have one of those convenient mini-mixers, get it nice and frothy – but I don’t mind if I’m lazy to go without (there was no frothing in the pictured cup). Pop the milk and tea bag into your mug, then add the boiling water. Stir in your vanilla and, if using, honey (I really don’t find I need the honey but if you’re trying to replicate the sweetness of the vanilla shots they use to make them it helps).

Paleo London fog vanilla latte

Sit back with your book or your friend and savour the flavour!

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